About Mediaplanet

A 4-month contract position in Social Media Outreach and content marketing, supporting Mediaplanet Canada's Web Editor, Lead Designer, and Production Director. I was responsible for contributing to social media strategies for existing campaigns. Here, I focused on setting goals, expanding reach, and improving engagement. 
• Conducted PR outreach initiatives to develop brand partnerships and strengthen effectiveness of campaigns
• Designed graphics and digital design elements to improve reading experience for digital campaigns
• Created social media content to streamline the brand’s image which increased Instragram engagement to 33%

Print Campaigns

Mediaplanet is a global content marketing and publishing house that specializes in cross media campaigns. As opposed to traditional advertising, Mediaplanet first aims to educate readers and viewers about products, brands, and companies and engage them organically. During my time at Mediaplanet, I supported the production team and lead designer to produce some of the campaigns for publications like National Post and Vancouver Sun.

A notable print campaign that performed very will was Financial Literacy in National Post. For this campaign, I worked closely with the Project Manager and the Lead Designer to design an infographic that would summarize the main points and facts throughout the entire campaign. The Lead Designer gave me technical and design feedback and information, whereas the Project Manager relayed important information from the clients that would be necessary to create the content for print. 


Digital Campaigns

During my time at Mediaplanet, I supported the production team and web editor to improve digital content marketing strategies and I managed the companies social accounts to optimize reach and engagement.