In 2014, departments at Markville Secondary School were given the opportunity and budget to have a department banner to showcase and advertise their respective classes during events and nights open to the public. I was approached by several department heads and teachers to design their banners.

I took on the challenge of creating 4 large banners within 3 weeks for the French, Advanced Placement, Cooperative Education, and SHSM departments. The goal of each banner was to accurately reflect and market the visions of each department in a way that would spark curiosity and conversation through visual communication.


In 2013 - 2014, I studied Graphic Communications at Markville Secondary School. It was a year long course where I worked with a team of students to design and produce the annual yearbook alongside the studies for that class. During the production of the yearbook, I was also responsible for taking photographs of events, students, teachers, and classes, while also writing short articles for my assigned parts of the yearbook.

I designed the pages for admin, the semi formal, SHSM, Cooperative Education, French, Yearbook Class, and also helped design the cover.