Streetwear-inspired beachwear for on and off the beach. Designed and manufactured in Toronto since 2013, Bather began as a journey to create the perfect poolside compliment to a well-curated closet of essentials.

In April 2017, I started a 4-month Marketing and PR internship with Bather, assisting with the development of social media and online advertising strategies. After the completion of my internship, I transitioned into the role of Bather's Marketing and Communications Project Manager where I would further manage the brand's social media and online marketing activities. 

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Mediaplanet is a global content marketing and publishing house that specializes in cross media campaigns. As opposed to traditional advertising, Mediaplanet first aims to educate readers and viewers about products, brands, and companies and engage them organically. During my time at Mediaplanet, I supported the production team and web editor to improve digital content marketing strategies and I managed the companies social accounts to optimize reach and engagement. 


Formen is a grooming company and the world's first and only male cosmetic house specializing in both professional makeup and clinical skincare for men. I was responsible for content creation and the implementation of social media marketing strategies. In addition to creating social content, I also worked on graphic design and PR projects and advertisement spots which were featured in Men's Health UK and Esquire.



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In October 2016, I lead the development of Formen's Kickstarter campaign to launch and promote the company's newest skincare system. In one month, I wrote and directed the campaign video, hired talent and models, and worked on multiple promotional strategies, including social media outreach.