Before starting this blog, acted as my professional homepage and portal for my creative portfolio. This site, which is still live through Adobe's Business Catalyst, demonstrates my proficiency in Adobe Muse and web design. The site features parallax scrolling and custom animations to seamlessly integrate the content and user experience.


Camp Indigo is a non-profit organization co-founded by Tenisha Jones. Camp Indigo provides affordable summer care, programs, and activities for children. In 2014, I worked with Tenisha and her co-founder, Carine, to build a website for the camp that would help them streamline their operations by making content, such as registration forms and packages, accessible to the parents. Inspired by music festival and camp aesthetics, the site helps users understand Camp Indigo's mission and provides all the necessary resources for visitors.


During the summer of 2016, I continued my freelance work as a multimedia designer and consultant. That summer I worked with Christie Pawliw and Creating Possibilities, a Toronto startup aimed to inspire and empower young girls through educational and interactive workshops. 


To launch this initiative, we started with the website. Creating Possibilities needed an online presence and a space where potential members could learn more about the program and contact Christie. The website was built with Adobe Muse and is a one page, scrollable site that features parallax scrolling and anchored assets. This, along with a clean, minimalist design approach, was done to create a fluid yet structured user experience. The site also featured an integrated PayPal store to allow users to sign up for the workshop. 


After launching the website, the next step was to do a little PR and marketing. To spread the word about the exciting new program and workshop, I created promotional materials that would be delivered to schools and its students.