About Formen

Formen is a grooming company and the world's first and only male cosmetic house specializing in both professional makeup and clinical skincare for men. I was responsible for content creation and the implementation of social media marketing strategies. In addition to creating social content, I also worked on graphic design and PR projects and advertisement spots which were featured in Men's Health UK and Esquire.

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Kickstarter Campaign

Check out the campaign at http://kck.st/2lHJLHo!

In October 2016, I lead the development of Formen's Kickstarter campaign to launch and promote the company's newest skincare system. In one month, I wrote and directed the campaign video, hired talent and models, and worked on multiple promotional strategies, including social media outreach. 

For this campaign, I worked in a small team to develop effective ways which would successfully fund the launch of Formen's new skincare and makeup line.  Although I was working as an intern through Ryerson's Fashion Zone, I took on a leadership role and was very hands on with the project from ideation to execution. As the project lead, I wrote the script, created the project plan, discovered and hired talent, created the campaign's graphics and visual layout, and coordinated the actual production shoot. Although I took on a large leadership role, I reported directly to the founder of Formen to ensure that the campaign was inline with his vision for the campaign and the brand. It was working alongside him and the production crew to ensure that the campaign effectively communicated the brand and products. 

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