2017 - Mediaplanet is a global content marketing and publishing house that specializes in cross media campaigns. As opposed to traditional advertising, Mediaplanet first aims to educate readers and viewers about products, brands, and companies and engage them organically. During my time at Mediaplanet, I supported the production team and lead designer to produce some of the campaigns for publications like National Post and Vancouver Sun.


2014 - Departments at Markville Secondary School were given the opportunity and budget to have a department banner to showcase and advertise their respective classes during events and nights open to the public. I was approached by several department heads and teachers to design their banners.

I took on the challenge of creating 4 large banners within 3 weeks for the French, Advanced Placement, Cooperative Education, and SHSM departments. The goal of each banner was to accurately reflect and market the visions of each department in a way that would spark curiosity and conversation through visual communication.


2013 — Designed and produced at InStudio, IBM Canada's Graphic Design department, A La Mode and DIY magazines reflect my skill in Photoshop and InDesign as well as my improvement in these technical areas during my placement at IBM Canada.

For this project, I was given free creative control and the necessary resources and tools to produce at least two magazines of my choice. Using what I had recently learned about graphic communications, the design process, and the production and printing processes, I was able to create three magazines: two fashion and one interior design.