My Updated Morning Routine


I've tried several different brands and products. Since I was around 13 or 14 years old, I have constantly been on the hunt for quality skincare and grooming products that would treat all of my concerns — acne, dark spots, discolouration, oiliness, enlarged pores, everything. I've gone back and forth between different brands, but the one brand that I have stayed loyal to is Jack Black, available at They were kind enough to send me over a whole load of products to add to my routine and my honest opinion is that they all impress me and are now my regular routine products. 

Featuring Jack Black's Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser, Clean Break Oil-Free Moisturizer, Double Duty Face Moisturizer, Clay Pomade, and Lip Balm. Available at MMUK and MaleSkin.

Featuring Jack Black's Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser, Clean Break Oil-Free Moisturizer, Double Duty Face Moisturizer, Clay Pomade, and Lip Balm. Available at MMUK and MaleSkin.

I start my morning with the Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser. This cleanser which contains volcanic ash is ideal for people with enlarged pores or oily skin. The volcanic ash, an ingredient that contains sulfur, kills acne-causing bacteria and its clay properties help draw out other impurities. The cool thing about this cleanser is that it can also double as a clay mask and gently exfoliate your skin. To use as a mask, apply an even layer to the entire face and leave it for 10 minutes. The mask will dry up and pull out the sebum and any impurities from your pores. I also sometimes use this as a spot treatment to individually target pimples and whiteheads if I need. 

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Mornings are usually pretty simple so after cleanser, I shave and then head straight to moisturizer. The Double Duty Face Moisturizer contains Blue Algae Extract and Sea Parsley, both of which help soothe and calm the skin, also acting as a light aftershave. And the other key feature of this product is its Sun Protection Factor of 20. We are constantly told how dangerous the sun's rays are (and they are) but how often do we really think to protect ourselves on a daily basis. This moisturizer with SPF 20 makes it easy to protect yourself from the sun without the extra steps (or white cast) of pure sunblock. 

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I do have another moisturizer from Jack Black which MaleSkin sent me last year — the Clean Break Oil-Free Moisturizer. I actually loved it so much I had to buy a new bottle after running out! Because I don't need SPF at night, the Clean Break Oil-Free Moisturizer is perfect before I go to bed. It is hydrating and lightweight because of its gel-like consistency, and it also acts as a good anti-acne treatment because it contains niacinamide, one of my favourite anti-acne ingredients and the most effective on my skin. If I do feel like my pores are congested in the morning though, I will use this moisturizer instead but I'll have to layer on another sunscreen to get the sun protection. 

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And to finish off my routine, I use the Jack Black Lip Balm, which also has SPF 25 (you don't want sunburnt lips do you?) and the Clay Pomade. The Clay Pomade claims to have a strong hold and a matte finish. If you have very thick hair like mine, the pomade has more of a medium hold. It feels pretty lightweight when you take some from the jar and its really easy to work into your hair, but isn't the strongest product I've tried. I prefer this product on easy, casual days when I won't mind my hair getting a little messy from the wind. 

Overall, I'm pretty sold on Jack Black products. The brand has wide range of products to suit different skin types — dry, oily, normal, aging — but has a quality and refined selection of products for each skin type which help men simplify their grooming routines.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me by, however, all opinions are my own.