Men's Grooming 101


I've written several posts on skincare and grooming, trying to simplify the daunting 12-Step Korean skincare routine to 4 steps. I've given my recommendations on cleansers, serums, masks, and moisturizers, but there are some grooming essentials I haven't touched on. Serums and masks are great for the evening, but what about when you wake up in the morning? MMUK and Bulldog have you covered. 

Bull Dog Skincare 1.jpg

MMUK sent over some Bulldog Skincare items for me to test and review. And right off the bat, I'm impressed. These three products — shave gel, after shave, and eye cream — are amazing essentials that every guy should be adding to his morning routine. 

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After washing your face, move on to Bulldog's Original Shave Gel. This hydrating shave gel contains aloe vera, camelina oil, and green tea. The combination of these ingredients help deliver a smooth, close, and clean shave without irritating your skin. Aloe vera and green tea will calm and relax your skin while minimizing any redness you may get when you shave. Also, green tea is full of anti-oxidants and skin health benefits, so this is really an all-around powerful product!

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Follow-up your shave with Bulldog's Original After Shave Balm. Like the shave gel, this balm also contains the same natural ingredients to keep your skin hydrated and calm, minimizing any post-irritation or inflammation from your shave. The great thing about after shave balms are that they double as a moisturizer and primer. So, if you wanted to top off your routine with a little concealer or tinted moisturizer, an after shave balm works well to create a nice barrier between your skin and any cosmetic products you layer on after. After shave balms also have a bit of tackiness to their texture, which helps cosmetic products like concealer or a tinted moisturizer adhere to the skin and increases its longevity throughout the day! Essentially this product is a must!

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The Original Eye Roll-On is my new favourite eye treatment. I have tried ones from Polaar Ice, Juice Beauty, Caudalie, Ole Henriksen, Arbonne, L'Oréal... you name it. None of them compare to Bulldog's. Unlike some eye treatments that come in a jar, Bulldog's is conveniently packaged in a roll-on tube making the product mess-free and easy to pack. The formula itself is where the real magic is though. I would compare its effects to the Murad Eye Treatment (which retails for almost $90). Within a couple minutes, the Bulldog Original Eye Roll-On has an immediate tightening and firming effect and the roller ball has a nice cooling effect to calm any puffiness underneath your eyes. I can't yet vouch for it's long-term benefits (e.g., anti-aging, wrinkle treatment, dark circles, etc.) but it is truly a good product when you need to look awake and fast!

Exam season is right around the corner so hopefully with these products, you can worry less about your morning routine and focus (or worry) more on your studies! 

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me by MMUK, however, all opinions are my own.