Last Call


I was supposed to publish this look on Valentine's Day. And as much as I'd like to say I forgot because I had a hot date, it was more so that I forgot because I had 9 hours of back to back classes. 🙃 But nonetheless, I still wanted to publish this look because I think this is one of my favourite shoots that I've done for the blog — a close second to my All Saints lookbook. Shout out to my sister for being a great tripod. 

I shot this look while I was on the Norwegian Breakaway with my family during New Year's. One of the bars on the ship had a really nice patio, and with the warm lights that turned on at night, it created a really moody, almost romantic backdrop for a lookbook shoot. Hence, the reason why Valentine's was the ideal publish date. Although this look is simple, I really like the combination of clean, sharp pieces — like my Chelsea boots and QUINSCO bracelet — with the more relaxed texture and fit of the linen shirt. This is probably the first time I've opted for a relaxed, caszch (casual) look.


Getting a bit more personal, I've been taking a lot of time to consider the direction and future of this blog. I've been struggling the past month to update my blog, as well as my social media. I'm in my last semester at Ryerson so the work has been piling up and the pressure is on to figure out my life post-graduation. And because I've been thinking about the future, I've had to consider the future of blogging and social media content creation for my personal brand and how I plan to fit that in my life. It's been hard — especially with the algorithm changes across social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. With these new changes, it's become increasingly difficult to reach new followers and even my existing ones. This has made it difficult to find the motivation to create new content because if no one sees it, what's the point? I am already trying to work around the algorithm and finding new ways to drive traffic through content marketing strategies for my job, but to do the same for my own brand for when I'm not at work or school is exhausting.

This blog started off as a platform where I could showcase my past works and creative projects, but it quickly became a platform for fashion, grooming, and lifestyle inspiration. The ability to consolidate the multiple facets of my personal brand into one single space on the worldwide web was exciting — it still is. So, even though I had considered stopping blogging altogether, I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish in the past year and this blog is a testament to that. I don't think there's a real takeaway from my ramblings, but for now, I'll keep blogging, updating this and my social media as much as I can and I hope you'll stick along this journey with me!