Norwegian Breakaway: Day 1


Happy new year, everyone! The past week and a half I have been traveling and so I was pretty absent from social media and my blog (internet on a cruise ship is too expensive), but I'm back and planning so many exciting things for 2017! 

My family and I spent the new year on the Norwegian Breakaway. And if you haven't heard on the news, this particular ship that I was on sailed right through a blizzard in the middle of the ocean. 🙃 My family and I were excited to escape the Toronto cold, but ended up trapped in our staterooms in the middle of the ocean, in a ship that was frozen over and rocking back and forth from extremely strong winds and waves for the last 3 days of the cruise. Everyone's alive and well though, but what a way to start off 2018!

Day 1 was okay though. My sisters and I took the first Sea Day as an opportunity to explore the ship and shoot my first lookbook for this vacation. Pictured above is a v casual look most people don't often see me in. But this isn't some "new year, new me" look — I'm still very into the whole "less is more" minimalist mantra and clean, crisp design. But I still enjoy casual, urban streetwear and this outfit definitely speaks to that. When going for a more urban street look, pay attention to textures and layers. Starting with the jeans, the jeans are a washed out black which gives the look its edgier and more urban vibe. In contrast, solid black jeans, which are usually my go-to, set the foundation for a cleaner, crisper look, but that wasn't the foundation I wanted to set for this outfit. Building on top of that is a white v-neck shirt and a black and brown plaid shirt layered on top. This open layering is what creates that relaxed, easy-going look. And as always, I liked to enhance and perfect my OOTDs with accessories. The double-wrap bracelet which is layered with my Apple Watch is from QUINSCO. QUINSCO's Rachelle makes some of my favourite accessories so be sure to check them out! 

This look isn't what many people think of when it comes to vacation-wear, but as a street style and fashion enthusiast, this is as casual and summer-y as my vacation-wear looks get! Stay tuned for more travel-related looks coming soon!