The Apple Watch Lookbook


Since it launched, the Apple Watch has been criticized for its bulky design and high price tag. Considering other smartwatches were circular and actually looked like a watch, the Apple Watch stood out among its competition because it looked "techy". But the Apple Watch isn't just for tech enthusiasts or athletes who need those fitness features. In this post, I'll show you how you can make the Apple Watch feel like a premium fashion accessory, and not just a piece of wearable technology.

Switching up your watch band is the first step to taking it from a piece of wearable tech to a true fashion accessory, and the type of band you choose is going to be the main factor. So, when choosing a new Apple Watch band, choose a strap that is classic and versatile to compliment your outfit for that business meeting or even on a casual Sunday. Pictured above is Monowear's classic leather band. This band is genuine leather and has a very clean, minimalist look which makes it easy to wear with pretty much anything! 

Another band from Monowear which I am loving is their perforated leather band. Also a really classic design, this particular band shows off a lot of nice, intricate details. From the perforations, which allow your wrists to breathe, to the stitching on the sides, Monowear's perforated leather bands are perfect for people who want a band that looks more classy and professional. Apple creates a lot of really nice bands for their Apple Watches, but they are (incredibly) expensive, and sometimes the basic silicone band just doesn't cut it for more formal events. Monowear has a lot of other bands and styles with something to suit your look and lifestyle! And more importantly, they're affordable!

Another great way to style your Apple Watch is to layer accessories, and this can be done with your Watch's silicone band. Personally, I would keep it to one additional bracelet. The Apple Watch is pretty bulky, even the 38mm version, so adding any more than one accessory might look like too much. Featured in this post are the Matte Black Stretch Bracelet with Gold by QUINSCO and the Black and Silver Anchor Bracelet by Classy Men Collection.

The big challenge a lot of people in the fashion industry have with wearable tech is that it looks like tech. But if you look past that and treat these accessories like fashion accessories, you can easily compliment any outfit and look more fashion forward! 

Disclaimer: The Apple Watch bands were sent to me by Monowear Design, however, all opinions are my own.