The Intern's Lookbook: Part 1


So just to give a little bit of a life update, I've been incredibly busy the last two months doing two (yes, two) internships, online summer school, and some freelance projects. You might be wondering how I'm still alive, and trust me, I'm wondering the same thing. With so many things going on, it's so important to stay organized and prioritize tasks, projects, events, etc. Because these past couple months have been so crazy, the last thing I want to worry about is what I'm going to wear to work every day because like it or not, looks matter. Although neither of the companies I'm working for have strict dress codes, I still want to look presentable and professional without having to wear a suit every day. 

I'm all for premium basics but for settings where you want to be a bit more fashion-forward, having a few trendy pieces will help you improve your work look. Starting off with the core pieces of this look, I'm wearing black skinny jeans and this white cotton tee with a burnout finish which I received from DenimKratos. Unlike plain cotton tees from H&M, for example, this one has a heathered texture that adds a little bit of visual interest. Plus it's also incredibly soft which makes it ideal for a 9 to 5. If you're interested in this tee or anything else from DenimKratos, don't forget to use MARCGAMBOA20 at checkout for 20% off your entire order

The focal point of this outfit is the long open cardigan from Zara. Because it's lightweight yet somewhat structured, it fits well against the body and helps create that clean, sharp look you want for the office. Styling also makes a big difference so I rolled the sleeves of the cardigan to a 3/4 length. Pro tip: Styling, like rolling your sleeves or tucking in a t-shirt, can make a look seem more tailored and less "boxy" or flat. 

And shout out to @miss.camco, YouTuber and content creator at MUCH, and my boss, haha! And photo creds to my fellow social media outreach intern @biancabharti