Floral and Denim


I think this is the most "non-minimalist" look I've posted on the blog! As much as I love keeping things simple and keeping things clean and structured, I still love patterns and prints and - yes - colour! Last weekend was my best friend's birthday and since I had my camera and had put more effort into my look, why not take some photos? 

Part of the reason I prefer to wear all solids and all black is that it helps elongate my body. Wearing all black doesn't just make you look slimmer, but you also look taller. Pro tip:  when the pieces of an outfit are all different colours (e.g. white shirt, black pants, red sneakers), your eye can easily distinguish the different parts of your body and it makes you look shorter. When an outfit is all one colour or similar colours, the eye views the entire body as one, without breaking it up into smaller parts, thus making you appear taller. Anyways, because I'm not the tallest person in the world, I prefer to stick with black but sometimes that can lead to a pretty boring and repetitive wardrobe. To switch it up, I kept the core pieces black but added a blue denim jacket as a layering piece. To prevent the jacket from creating that visual break that would make me appear shorter, I kept it open to allow the black shirt underneath to create that visual linear movement.

But my favourite part of this look is this floral shirt from Zara. With a floral print and mesh bottom, this is probably the most intricate shirt I own. The floral pattern is still monochromatic, which fits my style perfectly, and the mesh bottom creates a lot of visual interest and really elevates the look by adding a unique texture.