Denim for the City Explorer


DenimKratos is adapted from the Greek phrase: Demos Kratos, meaning People Rule, or Democracy. DenimKratos wants people to have the power over their wardrobe, and not be constrained by labels or dollar signs. And that means providing quality, raw denim without the hefty price tag. A couple months ago, the company reached out to me and sent me over some items to review, and I have to say I am really impressed. 

The first couple items I received were their Marad Black Skinny Jean and Poseidon Asphalt Burnout Crew Neck Cotton Tee. I used these two pieces to style the first look. I found them very easy to style because of how versatile the jeans are and how well the shirt fits and feels. When you have pieces that fit well, it doesn't take a lot to put together a casual look that isn't boring. The t-shirt is my favourite part of this look, and the burnout detailing creates a lot of visual interest. The skinny jeans aren't as skinny as the jeans I usually opt for, but I feel like for most guys looking for skinny jeans, these will be skinny enough. They are elasticized so they will definitely fit and hug your legs well if you have larger calves.

This second look features their Poseidon White Slub V-Neck Cotton Tee and their Astikos Raw Slim Fit Indigo Denim Jeans. This is a new look for me but honestly, I love it. A white tee, blue jeans, and clean white sneakers are such a casual and timeless look that anyone can pull off. Also, the tee features a textured weave which elevates it compared to other basic cotton tees. These indigo jeans are raw denim so they are very strong and rigid. The slim, yet relaxed fit is timeless and creates a modern look that is easy to wear. If you are looking to invest in a good pair of blue jeans, the raw slim fit indigo denim jeans featured in this look will not disappoint! 

Overall, I am pretty impressed with the quality of DenimKratos products! Both the shirts and jeans feel incredibly durable and the shirts are incredibly soft and fit really well. Although the jeans, especially the black skinny ones, are looser and not as skinny or slim as I would have hoped for, they can still be easily styled and are great pieces every guy should have in their wardrobe.

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