So I'm doing a thing


This is the post where I introduce myself and attempt to explain what it is I'm doing with a blog. So welcome! My name is Marc and I'm starting this blog as a 3rd-year university student in Toronto, studying marketing and media communications. That was a fancy way of saying I love creating and sharing stories (so it makes sense that I'm doing this thing). I love traveling and exploring overpriced coffee places in Toronto and ordering tea. My favourite colours include black and white and everything in between (grey), and I spend too much money at Sephora (sponsor me, please). 

So, why a blog? Why now? (Insert Why Not by Hilary Duff here). I created this space to be a platform where I can share and create content related to fashion, travel, life and more, and document and showcase my latest creative projects. Whether this acts as a blog, journal, or creative board, I want this to be a space full of content that inspires me and about things I enjoy and want to share with you! 

Marc Gamboa