Trend Report: Colour Correct + Conceal


SephoraMarc JacobsMakeup Forever and more have just released new lines of colour correcting products and this technique has been huge and trending at Sephora stores across North America. Although we’ve been ahead of the curve (see our colour correcting products here), here is a post that explains what it is all about and how to do it.

Colour correcting is the process of correcting any discolouration on the skin. Unlike concealer or foundation that masks imperfections, colour correcting products aim to cancel out complexion concerns and neutralize the skin tone. These products come in a variety of colours so regardless of your concern or colour of your skin, you will find a product that suits you.

Image by Sephora

Image by Sephora

Peach: Cancels dark circles and dark spots for light/medium skin tones

Orange: Cancels dark circles and dark spots for tan to dark skin tones

Red: Cancels dark circles on deep skin tones

Green: Calms skin and reduces redness for all skin tones

Yellow: Calms all over mild redness on all skin tones

Pink: Cancels dark circles and brightens dullness on light complexions

Purple: Cancels dark circles and brightens dullness on medium skin tones

Sometimes when we use makeup, we are also trying to address concerns such as redness, discolouration, and dullness. Sometimes regular foundation or concealer doesn’t do the trick and we keep looking for products that are fuller in coverage when really, our skin does not need it. Hopefully colour correcting products will address these concerns for you so you can achieve a flawless, natural look and not have to cake on layers of full coverage makeup.

Disclaimer: This blog post was originally written by Marc Gamboa for House of Formen's online blog. To view the original post, click here.