About Bather

Launched in 2013, Bather began as a journey to create the perfect poolside compliment to a well-curated closet of essentials. Our products are designed for you to look and feel your best, whether on or off the beach. Starting as an intern in April 2017 and then moving on as Bather's Marketing and Communications Project Manager, I have helped the brand grow its audience through social media and content marketing strategies and campaigns. 

The Surf Shack Pop-Up

Toronto, ON — Jun. 1, 2018 — This year, Toronto-based men’s swimwear brand, Bather, launched a pop-up store on Ossington Ave. to help Toronto celebrate the start of summer and let people experience the brand. We took a shipping container and modified it  to create a cool little surf shack. Here, visitors could experience the brand, shop the SS18 collection, as well as new, exclusive products like t-shirts and hats. The pop-up will run from June 1 - June 10 and is located at 146 Ossington Ave. More details are available on Bather's Facebook page.


Toronto's 2018 Polar Bear Dip

Toronto, ON — Jan. 14, 2018 — This year, Toronto-based men’s swimwear brand, Bather, sponsored Toronto’s annual Polar Bear Dip by donating 100 pairs of exclusive Bather bathing suits to the first 100 participants to raise $100. This year’s Dip is in support of BOOST Child and Youth Advocacy Group. 

Despite the New Year's Day cancellation, the Toronto Polar Bear Club — the organizers of the event — and Bather — the official sponsor — were happy to announce that the Dip would be rescheduled for Sunday, January 14, 2018 at 9am EST. Thanks to the generous offer of the Toronto International Boat Show, the event was hosted at Ricoh Coliseum, inside the world’s largest indoor lake. Keeping the spirit of the Polar Bear Dip alive, the temperature of the indoor lake was reduced to 3-5°C. This year's participants raised over $28,000 for BOOST Child and Youth Advocacy Group.

For this project, I led Bather's participation and sponsorship of the Polar Bear Dip. In order to ensure success, I worked closely with the Owner of Bather, the Co-Founder of the Toronto Polar Bear Club, and the Director of Development and Marketing at BOOST. Here, I had to collaborate with several parties to understand everyone's goals and create ways that this project could guarantee those deliverables. I developed the project plan, coordinated timelines, and was the key contact who relayed much of the information between the parties which related to Bather's donation and sponsorship. 


Excellent Adventures

Starting as early as my internship in the summer of 2017, I helped pilot the launch of Bather's travel series, Excellent Adventures. Excellent Adventures is a content marketing approach to engaging existing and new customers with content, photos, and stories to inspire their own travels. Excellent Adventures is a collaborative project between Bather and lifestyle and photography influencers. Some journal posts are created by Bather, while others are created in partnership with photographers like Yang-Yi Goh, Jackie Beale, and Michael Libis. 


Social Content Creation

At Bather, we see the value that social media brings to small and medium sized businesses, especially in the fashion industry. With tools like Facebook and Instagram, we can communicate our brand's identity through visual communication. As a Marketing Project Manager, it is my job to not only outsource content creation by working with photographers and influencers, I must also create content in-house.