I am a Toronto-based creative professional with industry experience in fashion and marketing, specializing in multimedia marketing and communications. With industry experience and a multidisciplinary background, I have helped brands, like Bather, Formen, and Mediaplanet, improve their reach and audience engagement through multimedia storytelling, content marketing, and social media strategies. 

Growing up in the world of media and constant change, I knew how important it would be to not be too highly specialized, to be able to adapt and continuously learn, and have multiple interests. And so I chose to major in the Creative Industries (B.A.) at Ryerson University, a new interdisciplinary program where students learn how entrepreneurship, emerging technologies,  innovations, and processes are reshaping the world's creative sectors. Through this program, I specialized in Media Storytelling and Professional Communications.

In 2017, I added the blog to my personal website to create a space where I could share my many interests, like fashion, beauty, personal wellness, and more, and also showcase my creative projects while documenting the process. Enjoy!